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Welcome to Bow Hunt or Die

Why? Bow hunting feeds my soul

Without it I feel like I can't breath. A piece of me is missing.

Archery is the life blood that feeds my soul. The tension the takes up rent in my body shoots away with each arrow launched. The feel of the earth beneath my soles and the wind in the trees breaths a new life into me. This is a space to share not only my love of bow hunting, but also so share the power of the sport on personal development.

Join me to learn the value of archery as a means of not just connecting with nature, and providing for your family, but also to empower yourself with mental clarity and focus.

BRASS Archery

As a professional bow technician, I've worked on the best equipment in the industry and partner brands that endorse quality and performance. I pride myself in the craftsmanship of solid equipment that is dependable and are brands of integrity. My resume includes only working with the finiest such as Matthews, PSE, Hameske and other top notch brands. My services offer full specturm bow tuning, arrow building and custom strings. The job isn't done until you are satisfied.

brass shooting

Starting as a young 4Her I mastered the craft and technique of shooting archery and firearms. As an avid hunter, outdoor guide and training marksman shooter in the US Coast Guard, my goal is to share my expertise to become the best personal shooter you can be. Through one-on-one lessons, technique camps and events I share my passion for the sport by helping you perfect your shot. A new and highly sought after program is target therapy where you master the craft while shooting your cares away in masterful guided techniques to bring you more focus.

Join the BRASS community by following the blog and our social sites and follow your arrow to success.

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